Indiana is divided into nine regions based closely on Congressional District. 

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Region Representatives 

Region 1 - Joseph Blissett, MSM 
Griffith Public Schools 
[email protected] 
Region 2 - Lisa Abel 
[email protected]
Region 3 - Ashlee Shroyer
Dekalb County Central United Schools
[email protected]
Region 4 - Claudia Simion
Brownsburg Community School Corp.
[email protected]
Region 5 - Amanda Worrick, DTR
Mississinewa Community Schools
[email protected]
Region 6 - Betty Huddleston
Western Wayne Schools 
[email protected]
Region 7 - Abby Butler, MS, RD 
MSD of Decatur Township
[email protected] 
Region 8 - Shenae Rowe, RD
Warrick County School Corporation 
[email protected] 
Region 9 - Vickie Coffey
Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation Edgewood Schools 
[email protected]