President's Message

Stacie Light 
Dear Friends,

Happy spring!  I sure do hope Old Man Winter is behind us for another year. I am ready for the smell of green grass, SPF 50 at a baseball game, hamburgers on the grill and lilacs in bloom. Oh, how I have missed the smells of spring and I welcome back their presence. 

Now that spring is here, it will not be long and another year will be behind us. However, do we really ever put anything “behind” us?  In this business, it seems our work is never finished. Some of us will be moving forward with a summer feeding program while others will be planning for the next school year; many of us will be doing both.  It’s funny when I am talking to someone about what I do for a living and they interrupt to say, “you must love getting your summers off…”  I usually reply with a big smile, shake my head and say, “Oh, you have no idea how much.”  They know the reason for our job is to feed students, but they may not understand the purpose.  

Purpose is the second “P” from this year’s conference PPE: Passion, Purpose, Excitement theme.  My purpose is a goal or intention to provide nourishment to as many students in our district as possible. To welcome them into our warm and inviting cafeterias, be enticed with the meal choices provided and create relationships.  We may get lost in the everyday madness of school lunch. Filling in for the employee that is in Covid quarantine, finding a replacement hamburger patty for the one that is out of stock, or even forecasting what will be on next year’s menu.  As crazy as the days may be, let me express my sincere appreciation for all of the hard work you do, every day. Some of you may remember Matthew McConaughey on a SNA Zoom call last year with his words of gratitude. He said, “Take that pat on the back, and understand how worthy it is.”  Worthy. Our work is worthy and it has purpose. 

To help facilitate our purpose, please know that ISNA continues to work diligently to provide excellent education, programs and services for all of our members.  We hope that if you missed the Annual conference in October, you were able to log on to the Virtual Pocket Experience for quality education sessions at your convenienceIf not, there is still time to register and view those sessions.  Click HERE to do so.  Our ISNA/IDOE School Nutrition Certificate Program has been in full swing the last couple of months and we have more classes to come in April and May!  And finally, be sure to mark your calendar for this year’s School Nutrition and Industry Summit on June 7th & 8th in Plainfield.  Last year’s SUMMIT was educational, rewarding and fun.   

I hope that you all continue to stay healthy, happy and energized as we wind down this school year. 

Stacie Light
ISNA President, 2021-22

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